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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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a police shooting. under investigation in richmond tonight. the suspect. sent into surgery in bad shape. and what police say that man was holding. could make all the difference in the case. good evening, i'm pam moore. a gun. and bags of drugs are at the center of this investigation. kron 4's scott rates explains how the confrontation happened.
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it's a frightening sight a semi-automatic hand lying on the ground is in this richmond neighborhood. it's is chilling reminder of what happened here just after 130 thursday afternoon from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news you can see investigators fanning out over the 2000 block of nevin ave. according to the police captain on scene, the suspect a young hispanic man allegedly pulled out that illegal semi-automatic weapon forcing the officer to open fire investigators also telling kron 4 they recovered at least a sandwich of meth and some marijuana from the suspect, the officers who fired the shots was not physically injured the captain says investigators will be looking into all the evidence including possible video of the shooting.
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the friday morning commute on bart. expected to be quite a challenge friday morning. kron four's grant lodes tells you what to expect and why. grant lodes>>: protesters are planning a sizable demonstrates and to ma 7:00 a.m.,m at the mine gumi station. then on monday
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protesters are gathering. stay with kron-4 tomorrow morning. george rask will be in with the latest traffic conditions around the bay. the news starts right here on kron-4 at 4 a-m. another setback in the city of san jose's quest. to bring the oakland a's to the south bay. kron four's philippe djegal reports on the city's failed lawsuit against major league baseball. and, where the fight goes from here. phillipe djegal>>:
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the oakland a's signed a 10-year lease last year to stay at the coliseum. but san jose city leaders are still holding out hope that they'll eventually come down south. sot- "ultimately, we knew we'd have to go to the supreme court to overturn this century old precident." a three-judge panel of the 9-th u-s circuit court of appeals unanimously deciding to uphold a federal court's decision to dismiss the city of san jose's 2013 lawsuit against major league baseball. nats- it's a big blow for the city of san jose. the city was challending baseball's nearly century-old exemption from anti-trust laws. sot- "the us supreme court decided that baseball was not interstate commerce and because of that they would not be subject to congresses rules around competition, known as the anti trust laws." the city alleges that baseball violated anti-trust laws by delaying and blocking a possible move for the a's from oakland to san jose.
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sot- "and, in fact, it's the only industry in the united states of america that enjoys an exemption from laws that require businesses and firms to compete. well, the city of san jose wants an opportunity to compete with other big cities throughout the country." newly elected mayor sam liccardo says the city will now look to the high court to keep the fight alive. sot- "the taxpayers aren't paying for the litigation, so there's really no downside for us. the upside is extraordinary, which is a privately financed half a billion dollar stadium that again, the taxpayers uh, don't have to pay a dime for. this is a great opportunity certainly as long as we are not paying for the lawyers, we ought to take every possible opportunity until we reach the us supreme court." liccardo adds though that it'll be up to the u-s supreme court to decide whether or not it will actually hear this case. liccardo says that decision could take seven to eight months. in san jose, philippe djegal, kron four news. pam moore>>: it is official. jim tomsula is the new head coach of the san francisco 49ers.
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the team announced the news during a press conference today in santa clara. tomsula answered questions from the press. about his plans for the team. and his approach to football. he stayed tight -lipped about most topics. but he did say, that football is about more than just speed and points. " oc: to advise, to care." tomsula added that his personal philospohy is to build relationships with his players.
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five of the 6- people injured by an out-of-control car. that drove into the macy's department store in newark, . have been treated and released from local hospitals the incident happened just before- 5 on wednesday night. newark police believe they know what most likely caused the car to drive more than 50-feet inside of the store. before coming to a stop. kron-4 also spoke to one of the victims of the crash. who was leaving when the car slammed into macys. newark police say, they are reviewing surveillance cameras throughout the mall surrounding
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macy's. to see if there is any evidence that can help the investigation coming up. we hear from the yosemite climbers who achieved a triumph. of monumental proportions. a family pleads for justice after their loved one is injured in a hit and run in what they say is a dangerous intersection. jacqueline bennett>>: a chance of rain in the bay area this weekend. coming up.
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tonight: we share a my kron4 story. the family of a hit-and- run victim. seeking justice. they say, their family member was hit. and left on the street for dead. kron 4's jeff bush has more on the victim's slow recovery. and the search for a suspect. ramiro alcantar was riding his bicycle to meet his wife after work when he was hit by a car on monday afternoon at the corner of bay and clarke street. ramiro's neice maria
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says it's a dangerous intersection. lopez these cars are driving way too fast and we have heard of a lot of people getting hurt there and my aunt said she couldn't even cross the street because the cars wouldn't even stop for herand this is at a stop sign. maria says the intersection has become too busy because of all the development nearby. maria lopez east palo alto resident they've opened a new restaurant, and there are markets and it attracts a lot of people so there are always people crossing and cars and bikes all have to share the road. there are no bike lanes in all of east palo alto. the vehicle's have to share the roads. maria was telling me that she thinks this intersection has become too busy and too dangerous to be managed by stop signs. she says that it is time to put in a red light and maybe have some more police patrols here in this area. i'm jeff bush in east palo alto, kron four news.
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we checked out that last story after viewers reached out to us. if you have a story idea you'd like us to check into -- go to our website, kron4-dot-com and click on the my kron4 story tab.
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new speaker: "california has now hit a drought." jacqueline bennett>>: reduced
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visibility in the bay area now is to a few miles now. another clear the air low alert is in effect. burning wood is banned. a few light showers spreading the coast line may end will be dancing around the north bay. by 6:00 we still have a chance of showers. we could see the same
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deal with light showers on sunday. temperatures tomorrow in the low 60s pam moore>>: talking today about their incredible feat. tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson are the first to ever 'free climb' the face of el capitan. jorgeson is from santa rosa - and both men did a lot of their training in the bay area. the two scaled the sheer granite face of the "dawn wall" in 19 days. jorgeson says he can't believe the journey has ended.
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new speakene "it's pretty serial to wake up this morning and have a client complete."a happy family reunion in oakland today. when a missing dog's owners were tracked down. after three years. four- year old hana was picked up at as a stray in oakland. earlier this month. and after several scans. animal control was finally able to find her microchip. that's when they contacted the mc-nesby family. who had lost hana three -years ago! aside from minor health issues. hana is in pretty good shape. and will be home with her family soon. in sports. the sharks take on the toronto maple leafs. kobe goes head-to-head with lebron. . and gary asks new 49ers head
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coach jim tomsula about the pressure of following jim harbaugh. that and all the
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in gary radnich>>: do you realize how much pressure is on the?oon you? "he i mean you do in the nfl. you got everyone jumping ahead." gary: i think you'll be one of
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those guys that will gruniongrow on you. antti niemi leading the sharks out 1st period tyler kennedy on the back side wrists it in 1-0 sharks 15 seconds later patrick marleau with the backhander his 1st goal in 16 games 2-0 sharks niemi took it from there 25 saves. numerous in the 3rd period final: 3-1 sharks next up: host calgary saturday
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♪ mattress discounters ♪ mama's boy to terrorist? >> accused of plotting to blow up members of congress at the u.s. capitol, his dad takes us inside his bedroom. >> that is christopher's best friend, his kitty cat. then the oscar nominations. >> angelina jolie and jennifer aniston, both snubbed. >> i'm sure she is going to be disappointed. and the american teen, six months pregnant. >> she gets the dealt penalty -- death penalty there, it's execution by firing squad. >> plus the pizza delivery that turned nasty. >> before i put my foot in your [ bleep ] then the morning after their historic climb, he's literally at a loss for


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